Friday, 30 September 2011

Girls Night Out

It's been a while since our last girls' night out. We really should schedule more of these nights, as it was really a great excuse to dance and drink yummy daiquiris.

These delicious strawberry daiquiris definitely enhanced our night out. They were simply refreshing; and there might have been a little too much rum added.

I love the feel, colour and looseness of this vintage satin top. There is just something completely different to the way clothes were made in the past. I tucked it into my favourite black mini skirt, from Mr Price, which has a pocket detail that I love; and I still quite favour skirts with pockets...

 Top: Thrifted from Knysna
Skirt: Mr Price
Tights: Cameo
Shoes: Truworths
Clutch: Foschini
Necklace: Mr Price

Many people can vouch for the fact that when I'm drawn to a certain trend, I usually buy it in a range of different variations. The playsuit is the latest fad right now, on my list. 

These boots were definately a great buy. I don't generally purchase stilettos from Mr Price, but these, I just couldn't resist, so much so that I bought a pair in black too.

Playsuit: Forever New
Belt: Mr Price
Boots: Mr Price
Opaque Tights: Woolworths
Beads: Mr Price

*Jill and Sasha

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Muizenburg Strip

There's nothing like an unplanned walk on the beach during a very confused season. After days of rain, the sun finally decided to grace us with its' presence, and we definitely welcomed it. It literally takes a glimpse of sunlight to alter ones mood.

I am saving towards a trip to New York at the end of the year, so I am loving the fact that I can have so much fun with minimum expenditure.

Colours are definately my signature, especially bright ones. I cannot recall a day where at least one item of clothing, if not all, was that of a bold or bright colour.

Tinkles, my overweight Jack Russel, is always ready for a walk, run, or one-on-one ball time.

Ice-Cream after a day at the beach, is like bread and butter. They should never be separated. Magestic Cafe happens to serve the best portion of ice-cream in a perfectly sweetened sugar cone and at an affordable price.


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

On Our Calender

We are really excited to be invited to the exhibition opening, tonight, of the Standard Bank Young Artist of the year: Nandipha Mnatambo. She graduated with a Masters in Fine Art (with distinction) from the Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT. 

It has been particularly intriguing to see some of her work, where it focuses on the human body, usually her own, and the use of natural materials, mainly cowhide. The way she molds and sculpts the hide to the female form are both fascinating and eerie. She has won numerous awards, and being heralded Standard Bank's Young Artist for 2011, is just another reason why you should go and see her work at the Iziko Museum in Cape Town, from the 28th September and ends the 7 November 2011.


You & Me & Everyone We Know is hosting a Neon Spring Night Market this Friday, 30th September. Be sure to wear your brightest colours, since colour blocking is the new black...

OOOH! And we are also really excited to meet up with all the Cape Town Bloggers the 6th of October at French Toast on Bree Street.

*Jill and Sasha

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Second Skin fashion Show- Part 2

Lately, the evenings in Cape Town have been quite chilly, even though spring has arrived. Therefore, in order to brave the cold, I wore a  biker jacket and grey wool dress- channeling my inner rebel. I bought the dress about a year ago from Mr Price and it seems to be perfect, dressed up or down and the leather jacket from the Lot, which has truly become one of my wardrobe staples.


Dress: Mr Price
Leather Jacket: The Lot
Tights: Woolworths
Shoes: Edgars
Clutch: Legit
Pendant: Rewardrobe

It’s weird that Sasha’s all-time fashion icon seemed to be the influence for my outfit, although unconsciously. After evaluating my outfit, she attributed the fact that I was wearing pearls, stripes and a print of the Eiffel Tower, to the influence of Parisian, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel.

This proved very weird for me as I don’t really find inspiration in one person, but rather collect various inspirations from eye-value.

I cannot narrow down my style to a specific person or designer, but rather I am drawn to garments which I perceive as ‘must have’s,'- like these stilettos.


Skirt: YDE
Top: Sissy Boy
Bracelet: Woolworths
Pearls: ‘A Gift’
Stilettos: ‘A Gift’
Belt: Going Under
Opaque tights: Woolworths

*Jill & Sasha

Monday, 26 September 2011

Second Skin Fashion Show- Part 1

I hope all South Africans had a wonderful weekend celebrating Heritage/Braai Day, as well enjoying all the shows at the South African Fashion Week in Johannesburg. Thanks to Mr Price for keeping us in the loop since we unfortunately couldn’t attend!

Speaking of Fashion shows, fashion went industrial last Thursday night, at the Inscape Design College Second Skin Fashion Show which took place at Wembley II, the second phase of the Wembley Square development, in the new Selections Warehouse showroom.

Entitled "Second Skin", the show had 25 students modelling their own garments made from construction materials like timber, glass, metal, concrete, tiling and finishes as part of their Applied Technology course in Interior Design. Selections Warehouse supplied the students with an array of industrial materials to create their futuristic get-ups, which ranged from technology, nature, architecture to Lady Gaga and movies like the Black Swan.

The project exposed the students to the idea of the skin and the human body, and the relationship they have to the built environment.

Some of their design projects were exhibited.

3D visualisation software MHD were one of the sponsors

Sheet metal and thermal layer dress

Timber veneer strip 'veil accessory' and mosaic and black plastic dress

Foil and grass layer dress

Cut metal sheet skirt and cardboard hat.

Insulation skirt and hessian sack bodice

Cool cap Brent was sporting by local designer, Two Bop.
See their website and Lookbook here.

More details on our outfits tomorrow.

*Jill and Sasha

Friday, 23 September 2011

Jade Bar Reunion

I bought this amazing Little Black Dress by local designer Silk Orchard at a new boutique in Woodstock Main Road, called Me & You. They have a great selection of locally designed tea and cocktail dresses and you are bound to find something unique for any special occassion.

It was quite chilly in the evening so I was really glad to have an opportunity to wear the dress. This buy was really out of my element but I was completely drawn to its woolen texture and sparkly tinsel bits, perfect for a night out at Jade Champagne Bar and Lounge in Greenpoint.

I didnt want to take away from the dress by over accessorising so I paired it with beige suede booties, opaque tights, silver Guess watch and my favourite clutch from Forever New.

Dress: black woollen dress by Silk Orchard at Me and You Boutique
Tights: black opaque tights from Woolworths
Shoes: beige ankle booties from Milady's
Bag: nude clutch from Forever New
Accessories: Guess watch

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Join the Movement...

And wear only ZA (WOZA)!

Woza represents the South African fashion industry, where they endorse and represent fashion, brands and products produced or partially produced in South Africa. We are for supporting and sustaining our local industry and have joined the movement, and we will now be endeavoring to wear mainly locally designed and produced clothing! WOOHOO!You can check out their website here.

 Vote for your favorite look (for the WOZA who has it made!) or post your own look.

Below are pics of some of our recent purchases from local designer Michelene based in Long Street and our new favourite boutique, Me and You that has opened in Woodstock Main Road. .

We had great fun last night at the Inscape Design College's 'Second Skin' Fashion Show. The students work was amazing (post coming soon).

*Jill and Sasha
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