Thursday, 22 September 2011

Join the Movement...

And wear only ZA (WOZA)!

Woza represents the South African fashion industry, where they endorse and represent fashion, brands and products produced or partially produced in South Africa. We are for supporting and sustaining our local industry and have joined the movement, and we will now be endeavoring to wear mainly locally designed and produced clothing! WOOHOO!You can check out their website here.

 Vote for your favorite look (for the WOZA who has it made!) or post your own look.

Below are pics of some of our recent purchases from local designer Michelene based in Long Street and our new favourite boutique, Me and You that has opened in Woodstock Main Road. .

We had great fun last night at the Inscape Design College's 'Second Skin' Fashion Show. The students work was amazing (post coming soon).

*Jill and Sasha

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