Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ode to Spring- Part 1

Although the weather wasn't optimum for this outfit, I am embracing my spring side. The day began with a few bursts of sunshine, but the clouds managed to cover that up rather quickly.  
The seasons in Cape Town have been extremely unpredictable to date, here's hoping that summer will be full proof!

I love the versatility of this crotchet top, whether it be summer or winter, it suits all occasions. The "off the shoulder" looks aids the relaxed retro-outfit feel.

I'm not quite ready to pack away the winter tights yet, as the bite in the air can be extremely cold at times.

Sasha and I, stumbled across this building, the previous home of Madame Zingara's, after our coffee date. We were really drawn to its bold purple colour as well as the detailed mirror mosaic tree.

It's no secret that purple is my favourite colour, so it's extremely fitting that this antique-looking house be the perfect backdrop.

The high-waisted shorts are from Wardrobe, the vest from Legit, the crotchet top from Mr Price, the tights from Woolworths and the All Stars from the London Concept Store.


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