Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ode to Spring- Part 2

Greens, home to the best Chocchino's, is one of the places I love to frequent. They're also known for their absolutely delicious chocolate brownie and ice cream desserts.

The Kloof Street franchise is an ideal setting for sun downers in summer. Their outdoor terrace
allows for a relaxed environment, with a scaled down experience from the busy central Cape Town. There's nothing like the feeling of being a tourist in your own city!

These are my "everyday bangles" which essentially do the name justice. I literally wear these bangles everyday and they have become a part of me. Every charm bares its own sentimental meaning, even the bold purple band. 

There's nothing like a warm cup of Greens' Chocochino to warm you up. The light froth and perfectly mixed balance of cocoa and milk allows for the perfect 'drinks break' at any time. For an affordable menu and quality which exceeds your expectations, try Greens. website

This heart is one of my favourite pendants. It doesn't carry any sentimental value but is a reflection of the DIYster inside me. Accessories do not come cheap, that is why I decided to invest in a durable chain, and purchase pendants separately from Feel Good Beads.

Another coffee date well spent...


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