Monday, 12 September 2011

Our First Post

Hi, we are Jill and Sasha and you can read more about us in the Who We Are section.We are both very excited to finally start our blog, since we both completely love fashion.
This quote, by one of the most influential fashion icons, Ms Chanel, epitomises our vision for this blog. We are both inspired by the world of fashion, but embrace our own personal styles, hence the name Double Take. This is a creative outlet for our different takes on fashion, places, people and events! Hope this is as inspiring for you as we know it will be for us!

Hope to you hear from you all soon...

* Jill and Sasha


  1. hey ladies i know its just you first post and im looking forward to many more

  2. Thanks so much Angus

    *Jill and Sasha


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