Monday, 26 September 2011

Second Skin Fashion Show- Part 1

I hope all South Africans had a wonderful weekend celebrating Heritage/Braai Day, as well enjoying all the shows at the South African Fashion Week in Johannesburg. Thanks to Mr Price for keeping us in the loop since we unfortunately couldn’t attend!

Speaking of Fashion shows, fashion went industrial last Thursday night, at the Inscape Design College Second Skin Fashion Show which took place at Wembley II, the second phase of the Wembley Square development, in the new Selections Warehouse showroom.

Entitled "Second Skin", the show had 25 students modelling their own garments made from construction materials like timber, glass, metal, concrete, tiling and finishes as part of their Applied Technology course in Interior Design. Selections Warehouse supplied the students with an array of industrial materials to create their futuristic get-ups, which ranged from technology, nature, architecture to Lady Gaga and movies like the Black Swan.

The project exposed the students to the idea of the skin and the human body, and the relationship they have to the built environment.

Some of their design projects were exhibited.

3D visualisation software MHD were one of the sponsors

Sheet metal and thermal layer dress

Timber veneer strip 'veil accessory' and mosaic and black plastic dress

Foil and grass layer dress

Cut metal sheet skirt and cardboard hat.

Insulation skirt and hessian sack bodice

Cool cap Brent was sporting by local designer, Two Bop.
See their website and Lookbook here.

More details on our outfits tomorrow.

*Jill and Sasha

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