Monday, 31 October 2011

City Bowl Market

Happy Halloween everyone! Who is celebrating today? What are you going as?

I have been out of the blogosphere for a bit- I was attending a Green Building Conference held in Cape Town. Wow, it really got me thinking about my carbon footprint and how sustainable we really are...

The past weekend, due to global warming, Winter was in Cape Town again. I spent a lovely Saturday morning at the City Bowl Market in Hope Street. What a lovely time I had, stuffing myself with chocolates, flap-jacks, a savoury quiche, orange cake, lemon tart and washing it down with Care for Coffee's lovely Mochas. ( I sampled all of the above yes, but could not manage to finish it all). Jill you missed out! See pics below of the food market held downstairs.


Pics below of some of the wares of the fashion market held upstairs (once a month only- so sad!)

I love owl motifs- I have owl printed pj's, ornaments, hanging mobiles...It freaks people out, I know, but I think they are cool and wise. I bought the lovely bronze owl pendant from the Buy Network. The silver laser cut necklaces are by two talented jewelery designers two birds with some stones. I would love to get a Cape Town one (see above) and one of the hood I am from, i.e. Claremont! Another talented jeweler is Natasha Wood- I love how she uses turquoise stone. See more of her work here. Also see vintage purveyor and stylist Dorothy here- her vintage items are so cool (Such a pity a did not get a pic of her or her stand- it was very cool).

Two dresses I bought from Babette Clothing. See more here.

Jill's cute Jack Russell pup- Tinkles.


Shirt: JFK
Top: Saarah
Skirt: Mr Price
Tights: Woolworths
Shoes: Zoom
Bag: Babette Clothing
Jewellery: Accessorise and Women's Street


Friday, 28 October 2011

Creative Minds: Seth Rotherham and 2oceansVibe

We love the idea of competitions, especially where the prizes are worth our while, but hardly ever enter them.  We haven’t won much before, with the exception of Sasha’s Busby bag. I think that the logical thought process, ‘that I never win’, trumps the impulsive action to simply enter all appealing competitions.

Exploring the internet guarantees interesting finds which are not as commercial as the everyday activities we partake in, such as 2oceansVibe. The lunch time co-hosts of the radio show, Luca and Josie, were holding a competition on their facebook page for a set of double tickets to the Positive Heroes Fashion Show - Bloom Instinctively, as fashion is right up our alley, we entered and lets just say we'll be mingling with some of Cape Town's hottest designers on the 3rd of November.

Image from  here

This competition led us into the further exploration of that which is 2oceansVibe. The establishment itself comprises of three different individual ventures embarked upon by Seth Rotherham. Seth, an entrepreneur, started blogging about seven years ago, before the craze began, as a platform to showcase his life among close friends. The motto which his business carries is fitting to the lifestyle which Seth Rotherham displays, 'Work is a sideline-Live the Holiday.' This was ultimately the first of his three ventures, which today has been transformed into a blogging website reaching more than 35 000 readers on a monthly basis.

Seth featured in GQ Magazine 
Image from here

The radio station venture ultimately followed that of the blogging. I can vouch for the fact that not a single day goes by where I don’t channel hop through frequencies in the car. Seth, basically set out to revolutionize radio, adding good quality music and intelligent conversation.  Seeing as we are newbie’s, we haven’t fully explored the daily shows, but are looking to download the car kit application. You too can now listen to the fresh, sophisticated sounds of 2oceansVibe radio by following the link. Better yet, you are eligible to receive a free 2oceansVibe radio car kit here.
Lastly, but definitely not least, the latest addition is that of 2oceansVibe TV. It is approximately 2-3 minute segments which continue on a weekly basis. You might have already been fortunate enough to see it on a ride home in one of Rikki’s Taxis.  
A personal favourite is definitely that of Corne and Twakkie #04, a guarenteed laugh. There are various series which are aired to suit all target markets so definitely check this out, even if quickly during a tea break.
Seth Rotherham has definitely lived up to the definition of an entrepreneur, establishing and growing a business (or businesses in his cases). His name precedes him, so much so, that Butlers Pizza have named one of their own after him - The Rotherham.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Deli, Woodstock

Firstly, congratulations are in order! Well done Cape Town! I am feeling on top of the world, as I am sure many other Capetonians and South Africans are, after being named World Design Capital for 2014. There is so much in store for so many local creatives...and Cape Town itself. We are quite excited, and hoping to feature many creative people and young inspiring entrepreneurs from Cape Town on the blog in a monthly feature. (In fact Jill will be posting soon about Cape Town's coolest lifestyle website and radio station 2oceasvibe started by Seth Rotherham.) There is certainly lots to look forward to...See more here about the Cape Town design bid.

Back to what I actually wanted to post about- The Deli:

This past weekend, the boyfriend and I popped into The Deli for a quick lunch. It helps that they are right opposite where I work, in Woodstock, making it a very popular lunch spot for the working crowd. The atmosphere on the Saturday however was quite chilled compared to how busy it is on a weekday. The main difference is that on a Saturday they are only open till 1pm and serve a set menu of light sandwiches and breakfasts. On a week day however, they serve a variety of fresh salads, quiches, pastas, soups and wraps, including sandwiches.

The thing I love about The Deli is the very understated, communal feel, with big tables, benches and outdoor seating facing the Main Road. The industrial aesthetic, with exposed timber beams, polished concrete floor and no ceilings also adds to the grunge that is so typical and appealing of Woodstock and yet, it feels like you could be in a cafe somewhere in London too. There are hints here and there of the owners British origins- their accents are a big giveaway, but also their window signage and graphics, and the fact that there are Tin-Tin and Captain Haddock figurines perched here and there (see pics below).

All round great food, service and setting!

Their flat whites were delicious

Gypsy Ham Ciabatta- seriously good!

Woodstock is the place for vintage and retro finds.
Pictured above is tiny store called Woodstock Vintage, only the Main Road.

Boyfriend sporting his Adidas Originals high tops
(He swears they the most comfortable sneakers he has owned of theirs)


Very cool door and graphics.

Lately, I am having a fascination with lightweight sheer fabrics. What I love about this chiffon blouse is  not only how loose fitting it is but also the pattern and colour- very gypsyesque (Yes, I made that word up- but on a serious note, I sure feel as though I could definitely live the carefree way a Gypsy would.)
Sigh! I need a holiday!

Top: Milady's
Tights: Country Road
Belt: Dreyer Street Market Claremont
Bracelet: Woolworths


Monday, 24 October 2011

Personal Take: What we splurge on...

As promised, today we will be showing you the things we splurge on, love to collect and that keep us inspired. Enjoy!


Fetishes, in my opinion, are fostered through some sort of inspiration whether it be a person or an external influence. I can definitely attribute my shoe fetish to my mother's influence. She illustrates her love for shoes through the pigeon hole shelves which she designed as a display in a room in our house. I have adopted this love, and although I do occupy some of her slots, I have positioned my shoe display on built in shelves in my dressing room.

Earlier this year, I went to watch a show entitled "Love, Loss and What I Wore," at the Theatre on the Bay in Cape Town. With regards to this post, the show reiterated how we as women are molded by our mothers whether we are proud to admit it or not. Our mothers play an extremely influential role in our lives, as much as the memory of what we wore does. 

Space is a sensitive issue when it comes to women, as we rarely ever have enough. Due to limitations, I place the most frequently worn as well as my favourites on these shelves.

The Favourite Pair:
This spontaneous buy is what fostered my love for chunky heels. It incorporated two of my hottest summer season requirements, namely; the colour tan and chunky heels. 

The Most Colourful Pair:
If  the style of the shoe doesn't convince me, the colours definitely will. The more unpractical the colour is, the more I seem drawn to the pair of shoes. It just gives me another reason to expand my wardrobe. 

The Classic Pair:
Every women needs not only a LBD (Little Black Dress) but classic black stilettos too. These are  essential with regards to work wear, cocktail parties and basically all events. Even myself, who is predominantly obsessed with colour, insist on having a great pair of black stilettos in my collection. 

The Most Unconventional Pair:
I must admit that I do not follow trends, it simply comes down to personal preference. I haven't taken a liking to gladiator style shoes, but this warped adaptation caugh my eye. The combination of denim, wooden heels and the tan colour won my heart. 

Shoes are definitely one of the major weaknesses I have, there are more... When deciding on what to wear, I don't pick clothing first, but rather shoes. That's just my personal take.



Yes, I spend excessive amounts of money on magazines, mostly fashion magazines. Yes, I might have a problem; I am a magazine junkie, I am admitting it. And yes, I am running out of space...

As I am writing this post, the November issue of UK Elle is next to me. I have just received it and Emma Watson is on the cover. They are saying she is the new muse on fashion, fame and the future...what is that all about? But I have put off reading it, until I have tried to make some sense of what my fascination is with fashion magazines. Here goes...

From as young as I can remember I read anything I could get my hands on, and besides books, alot of the time I was devouring my mom's magazines. I would also get stacks of international magazines, like UK Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, USA Glamour and Elle, from a family member who worked for the South African airlines. Then I began collecting them, pulling out articles I wanted to keep, cutting them up, sketching from them and collaging my favourite pictures. And when I was old enough to buy my own,  I became a dedicated reader of both South African Elle and Marie Claire, and UK Vogue and Elle. I don't use the magazines to plan my wardrobe, I use them for inspiration. I am also not an avid follower of trends, but I love to see new creative ways of thinking and in some ways what I have worn has been influenced by what I have seen. Below are images of some my favourite covers, issues and editorials of this year:

The Prettiest Cover
SA Marie Claire, September
Sarah Jessica Parker making a slouchy white t-shirt and pretty pink ruffled skirt look gorgeous

On my Bookcase
All of the books and notebooks I keep on hand that keep me sane, make me smile and provide me with inspiration.

Inspiration collage April
Channeling YSL:
Vampy red lips, full satin skirts, leather biker jacket, hot red coat, animal print scarf, white shirts, a litttle black dress, black heeled court shoes

  Inspiration collage May
Modern classics vs urban grunge:
Black trench,  black velvet ballet pumps, woollen snoods, animal print tops, mustard over-sized cardigans, natural and brown coloured shadows

Inspiration collage March
Fresh blossom:
Peter pan coloured shirt, pretty chiffon tops, tailored shorts, pink blusher, nude and wooden heels, cameo brooches, black framed wayfarer spectacles

Inspiration collage September
Colour splash:
Bright and bold lipsticks, bright cocktail dress, introducing more yellow and blue to the closet, deconstructed shirts

 The Favorite Issue
Uk Vogue, May
The Wedding Issue (need I say more)

 The Favourite Cover
 SA Elle, September 
The bright, bold text and the fact that Zoe Kravitz was on the cover.

The Coolest issue
 SA Elle, October
The issue to celebrate curves, the divine Adriana Lima and the coolest swimwear for this Summer.

These towering stacks serve as a great place to store things on top...and I have created a shelf/seat with them. If you know sites with great ways to store and display magazines, please forward them to me.

What are some of your guilty pleasures or splurges? Share them with us.

*Jill and Sasha

Friday, 21 October 2011

Mr Price: Cottage Dress

The realisation, which we as consumers have to accept, is that the price which we are willing to spend on fashion is either a reflection on the item itself or a ridiculous capitalist mark up on the cost price.

Shopping at Mr Price, gaurentees fashion which might, if you're lucky, last an entire season. With regards to this cottage dress, it is one of the very few items, which have survived the critique of poor quality, loose threads, fading colour, the stretching of garments and the list goes on.

This cottage dress, purchased about a season ago, has definitely redefined my perception of Mr Price clothing. It is of such a different quality to the rest of their commercial style. Mr Price definitely hits style and fashion on the mark with regards to some of their clothing items, but cannot be praised for the quality - which for their retail pricing is understandable. This is definitely one of my top buys from Mr Price Clothing.

Important criteria which I evaluate before purchasing, would be: colour, versatility, fit as well as quality and price ratio. I simply love the fact that I can wear this dress in winter with tights or in summer with sandals.  
It really doesn't take a lot to convince me...(confessions of a secret shopoholic).

Investment pieces, such as my grey crew neck cardigan, I would definitely not purchase at Mr Price. It actually requires such intricate application to successfully shop for any jersey-type tops these days. This cardigan has developed into a staple which I simply could not do without. Its possesses such versatility in its colour and style.

My obsession with colour coding handbags to match outfits has dramatically decreased. Of late, I have just purchased core staple colours(black, oatmeal and grey) to interchance between outfits. Changing bags has become such a mission, especially since handbag essentials have increased in number.

Handbags are another fashion item, as are shoes which will be a future post, which I believe should be an investment. The more durable the handbag, the more wear one is able to receive. This Foshini Collection handbag is the first of its kind that I have purchased, and cannot fault it to date.

It is definitely worth your while to check out the lastest trends on the Mr Price website, even if just for inspiration. Stripes and florals are a must have - Festive Floral Trendflash - Mr Price

Dress:  Mr Price
Cardigan: Woolworths
Figure Belt: Going Under
Opaque Tights: Woolworths
Earrings: Sass Diva
Pumps: ‘A Gift’
Chain: Sass Diva
Bag: Foshini Collection

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