Friday, 28 October 2011

Creative Minds: Seth Rotherham and 2oceansVibe

We love the idea of competitions, especially where the prizes are worth our while, but hardly ever enter them.  We haven’t won much before, with the exception of Sasha’s Busby bag. I think that the logical thought process, ‘that I never win’, trumps the impulsive action to simply enter all appealing competitions.

Exploring the internet guarantees interesting finds which are not as commercial as the everyday activities we partake in, such as 2oceansVibe. The lunch time co-hosts of the radio show, Luca and Josie, were holding a competition on their facebook page for a set of double tickets to the Positive Heroes Fashion Show - Bloom Instinctively, as fashion is right up our alley, we entered and lets just say we'll be mingling with some of Cape Town's hottest designers on the 3rd of November.

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This competition led us into the further exploration of that which is 2oceansVibe. The establishment itself comprises of three different individual ventures embarked upon by Seth Rotherham. Seth, an entrepreneur, started blogging about seven years ago, before the craze began, as a platform to showcase his life among close friends. The motto which his business carries is fitting to the lifestyle which Seth Rotherham displays, 'Work is a sideline-Live the Holiday.' This was ultimately the first of his three ventures, which today has been transformed into a blogging website reaching more than 35 000 readers on a monthly basis.

Seth featured in GQ Magazine 
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The radio station venture ultimately followed that of the blogging. I can vouch for the fact that not a single day goes by where I don’t channel hop through frequencies in the car. Seth, basically set out to revolutionize radio, adding good quality music and intelligent conversation.  Seeing as we are newbie’s, we haven’t fully explored the daily shows, but are looking to download the car kit application. You too can now listen to the fresh, sophisticated sounds of 2oceansVibe radio by following the link. Better yet, you are eligible to receive a free 2oceansVibe radio car kit here.
Lastly, but definitely not least, the latest addition is that of 2oceansVibe TV. It is approximately 2-3 minute segments which continue on a weekly basis. You might have already been fortunate enough to see it on a ride home in one of Rikki’s Taxis.  
A personal favourite is definitely that of Corne and Twakkie #04, a guarenteed laugh. There are various series which are aired to suit all target markets so definitely check this out, even if quickly during a tea break.
Seth Rotherham has definitely lived up to the definition of an entrepreneur, establishing and growing a business (or businesses in his cases). His name precedes him, so much so, that Butlers Pizza have named one of their own after him - The Rotherham.


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  1. Seth Rotherham seems like a really cool guy! Love his motto!
    Congratulations for your win, the event sounds awesome!


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