Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Day Wear

Not having a strict dress code  to conform to, is definitely one of the great perks of still being a student. I love that I am able to spice up an outfit according to my own personal style.

Yesterdays weather allowed for a taste of summer, but still required the necessary winter precautions, hence the tights. I seriously long for the days when cardigans and tights will no longer be a feature in my dressing room.

Plain comfy pumps are a definite staple with regards to necessities in the wardrobe. It really is important to invest in a pair which are durable.

This is definitely my favourite figure belt. I wear it a bit too often, but I blame that on its versatility, its nude shade and dainty bow detail, which happen to match every outfit perfectly.

Note to self: there is a reason why playsuits are meant for summer...It is just too awkward to wear them with tights.

I love how this image parallels the idea of the playsuit...."Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

Playsuit: Mr Price
Cardigan: Fashion for Life
Belt: Mr Price
Tights: Mr Price
Pumps: Ackermans
Scarf: 'A Gift'
Everday bangles


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