Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Deli, Woodstock

Firstly, congratulations are in order! Well done Cape Town! I am feeling on top of the world, as I am sure many other Capetonians and South Africans are, after being named World Design Capital for 2014. There is so much in store for so many local creatives...and Cape Town itself. We are quite excited, and hoping to feature many creative people and young inspiring entrepreneurs from Cape Town on the blog in a monthly feature. (In fact Jill will be posting soon about Cape Town's coolest lifestyle website and radio station 2oceasvibe started by Seth Rotherham.) There is certainly lots to look forward to...See more here about the Cape Town design bid.

Back to what I actually wanted to post about- The Deli:

This past weekend, the boyfriend and I popped into The Deli for a quick lunch. It helps that they are right opposite where I work, in Woodstock, making it a very popular lunch spot for the working crowd. The atmosphere on the Saturday however was quite chilled compared to how busy it is on a weekday. The main difference is that on a Saturday they are only open till 1pm and serve a set menu of light sandwiches and breakfasts. On a week day however, they serve a variety of fresh salads, quiches, pastas, soups and wraps, including sandwiches.

The thing I love about The Deli is the very understated, communal feel, with big tables, benches and outdoor seating facing the Main Road. The industrial aesthetic, with exposed timber beams, polished concrete floor and no ceilings also adds to the grunge that is so typical and appealing of Woodstock and yet, it feels like you could be in a cafe somewhere in London too. There are hints here and there of the owners British origins- their accents are a big giveaway, but also their window signage and graphics, and the fact that there are Tin-Tin and Captain Haddock figurines perched here and there (see pics below).

All round great food, service and setting!

Their flat whites were delicious

Gypsy Ham Ciabatta- seriously good!

Woodstock is the place for vintage and retro finds.
Pictured above is tiny store called Woodstock Vintage, only the Main Road.

Boyfriend sporting his Adidas Originals high tops
(He swears they the most comfortable sneakers he has owned of theirs)


Very cool door and graphics.

Lately, I am having a fascination with lightweight sheer fabrics. What I love about this chiffon blouse is  not only how loose fitting it is but also the pattern and colour- very gypsyesque (Yes, I made that word up- but on a serious note, I sure feel as though I could definitely live the carefree way a Gypsy would.)
Sigh! I need a holiday!

Top: Milady's
Tights: Country Road
Belt: Dreyer Street Market Claremont
Bracelet: Woolworths



  1. You look so cute, that window looks amazing.

  2. Congratz for winning the World Design Capital — even if you beat Spanish city Bilbao :D

    Be Indie, Be Trendy


  3. looking great, gypsyesque is going to be added to the dictionary ^^

  4. Gorgeous outfit!! and YAY for Cape Town, that's awesome news!!:)
    Lovely post:)

  5. I'm loving those pictures, esp the ones witho FOOOd on nom nom <3 :))


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