Friday, 7 October 2011

From Woolworths' Heels to Comfy Flats

Life becomes so busy, moving from one commitment to the other that the simplest solution which I could conjur up with regards to 'dressing for every occasion,' was to alternate footwear. An outfit can be reinvented with subtle changes, which have the ability to either further enhance a look or simply add a different view. 

Rushing from one function to the other, often means that either clothes pile up in vehicles, or at the office; and we loose the drive to make an effort. As women, we are very conscious about what we wear, how often we wear it, as well as, who has seen me in it before?

This post is about those days when there just isn't enough time to change an outfit. Lets face it, sometimes we really love a certain outfit which has the ability to be dressed up or down. Therefore, to preserve the outfit, we add simple changes to suit the given occassion. I mean, why waste a perfectly good look?

These are currently my favourite pair of stilletos. I'm totally loving the idea of chunky heels. It gives an outfit so much flare.

Same outfit, same day - different occasion, different pair of shoes! In an ideal world, stilettos would be comfortable enough to do extensive walking in, but unfortunately this is not the case.

This is the beautiful view from the first floor of South Seas in Mouille Point. Currently, it is such a prime location in Cape Town. The are numerous amenities within walking distance and the sea basically falls right onto your balcony.

Pants: Mr Price
Top: YDE
Heels: Woolworths
Pumps: Ackermans
Bangles: Mr Price
Handbag: Woolworths
Earrings: YDE
Belt: Mr Price



  1. You girls are too fab!

    I'm loving that striped top. It's definitely a classic and versatile piece you can wear for many occasions. And I totally agree with you...if I could wear heels ALL DAY, everyday without any fuss, I totally would.

    Great post! I'm now following :)

  2. Great outfit! I love the color of your jeans, and those heels are amazing! Thanks for the comment on my blog. You two are too sweet! Anyway, if you like my blog I would love it if you followed! Let me know what you think and keep in touch!


  3. Great outfit!
    Stacey Miller

  4. Thanx ladies for the awesome comments!
    Much appreciated.



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