Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Guest Blogger- Mens Spring/Summer Trends 2011

Today, we are quite excited to welcome Brent, our guest blogger for the day, who will be sharing with us his take on mens' fashion trends for Spring and Summer 2011.(You can follow him on twitter here, and see him in this post)

So take it away Brent!

To the guys out there (and the girlfriends who often dress them!)

It's early October and as I look out my office window I can see that, where weather is concerned, we are not exactly in the clear yet! Though spring is upon us, Cape Town's winter weather has a nasty tendency to sporadically bite back well into October. So how does one stay comfortable while still being able to embrace the carnival/festive spirit of the Spring/Summer season?

I find that a quality, light-weight sweater, hoodie or cardigan, can be very useful at this time of year as it will still keep you warm on those Camps Bay party nights, without looking like your dressed for mid July! And nowadays, a sweater isn't a sweater, isn't a sweater... these items of clothing get funked up by the incorporation of a shawl or cowl collar, or maybe a few asymmetrical buttons or zippers. All little the details that can put your look a cut above the everyday 'Edgars drone'.

On the topic of detail, something that can really add some edge to your look are t-shirts that incorporate a little bit of detail or stitching, especially around the collar and chest area. A t-shirt with a small pocket on the chest, or a 'slicker-than-your-average' golf shirt (i.e. not of the 'Lacoste variety') can do a lot to break the boring factor in your look. 

Of course as we move on closer to December, and CT gets hotter, you may want to break out the beloved BEATER. Personally I am undecided about vests as I seen them go horribly South! I will however admit that there are certain ways to wear a vest without looking like a 'Jay-Jays poster boy'. Though some gentlemen will just have to make peace with the fact that they should never wear vests... like if you have flabby arms, make peace with it and burn the vest!

A vest shoud never be too small! If you usually take a size medium t-shirt, then consider upscaling to a large vest but NEVER anything too small!

Print is also a necessity with wouldnt usually wear a plain t-shirt right (unless it was black, white or melange fabric)?! Same rules apply with vests. Prints that you can't go wrong with this season would definitely include aztec pattern making and vintage-looking sport prints.

Have a extra pair of chinos that you haven't worn in years?? Most guys do! And since you just realised your not going to ever wear them again, why not do the sustainable thing and recycle. Tailoring your trousers into shorts is not that hard, and since you might consider rolling up your pipes, you might just get a way with a simple scissor job. I would say cut, for the shortest length, about half way over your knees so that once you roll up the pipes the shorts dont end up being too short!

Care to accessorise? This year why not trim your cranium with a siiick baseball cap, summer beanie or if you want to show a bit of township swag, a cool 5 panel! Take special note of the this(Top-left) limited edition 5 panel from Two-Bop with barbwire pattern... RAAK WYS! More on Two-Bop here.

A big accessory for this season I think will be wrist watches. Keep an eye out for time pieces with more minimalist dials like the military styled watch above. I personally try to stay away from watches that are made solely of metal. So if the body is steel, I would try to match it with a leather strap, or go nautical with a canvas strap. If you want something a little more fun (but not cheap), go plastic or if you have the cash porcelain. Just make sure it doesn't look like you got it out of a 'happy meal'!

Dressing for transitional  seasons is not always easy, but when you can find a versatile, comfortable look that still allows you to have fun and express yourself, then you know you have done something right!

Stay fresh, stay innovative.

 (Outfit post to follow soon)

Pics sourced from Asos, The Style Blogger, Two-Bop and Swatch

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