Monday, 31 October 2011

City Bowl Market

Happy Halloween everyone! Who is celebrating today? What are you going as?

I have been out of the blogosphere for a bit- I was attending a Green Building Conference held in Cape Town. Wow, it really got me thinking about my carbon footprint and how sustainable we really are...

The past weekend, due to global warming, Winter was in Cape Town again. I spent a lovely Saturday morning at the City Bowl Market in Hope Street. What a lovely time I had, stuffing myself with chocolates, flap-jacks, a savoury quiche, orange cake, lemon tart and washing it down with Care for Coffee's lovely Mochas. ( I sampled all of the above yes, but could not manage to finish it all). Jill you missed out! See pics below of the food market held downstairs.


Pics below of some of the wares of the fashion market held upstairs (once a month only- so sad!)

I love owl motifs- I have owl printed pj's, ornaments, hanging mobiles...It freaks people out, I know, but I think they are cool and wise. I bought the lovely bronze owl pendant from the Buy Network. The silver laser cut necklaces are by two talented jewelery designers two birds with some stones. I would love to get a Cape Town one (see above) and one of the hood I am from, i.e. Claremont! Another talented jeweler is Natasha Wood- I love how she uses turquoise stone. See more of her work here. Also see vintage purveyor and stylist Dorothy here- her vintage items are so cool (Such a pity a did not get a pic of her or her stand- it was very cool).

Two dresses I bought from Babette Clothing. See more here.

Jill's cute Jack Russell pup- Tinkles.


Shirt: JFK
Top: Saarah
Skirt: Mr Price
Tights: Woolworths
Shoes: Zoom
Bag: Babette Clothing
Jewellery: Accessorise and Women's Street



  1. You look really beautiful, love your combination.

  2. wonderful color of your sweater against the yellow bag! and those cupcakes/scone thingys look amazing!

  3. Lovely outfit!! and your hair looks stunning!! :)xx


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