Friday, 21 October 2011

Mr Price: Cottage Dress

The realisation, which we as consumers have to accept, is that the price which we are willing to spend on fashion is either a reflection on the item itself or a ridiculous capitalist mark up on the cost price.

Shopping at Mr Price, gaurentees fashion which might, if you're lucky, last an entire season. With regards to this cottage dress, it is one of the very few items, which have survived the critique of poor quality, loose threads, fading colour, the stretching of garments and the list goes on.

This cottage dress, purchased about a season ago, has definitely redefined my perception of Mr Price clothing. It is of such a different quality to the rest of their commercial style. Mr Price definitely hits style and fashion on the mark with regards to some of their clothing items, but cannot be praised for the quality - which for their retail pricing is understandable. This is definitely one of my top buys from Mr Price Clothing.

Important criteria which I evaluate before purchasing, would be: colour, versatility, fit as well as quality and price ratio. I simply love the fact that I can wear this dress in winter with tights or in summer with sandals.  
It really doesn't take a lot to convince me...(confessions of a secret shopoholic).

Investment pieces, such as my grey crew neck cardigan, I would definitely not purchase at Mr Price. It actually requires such intricate application to successfully shop for any jersey-type tops these days. This cardigan has developed into a staple which I simply could not do without. Its possesses such versatility in its colour and style.

My obsession with colour coding handbags to match outfits has dramatically decreased. Of late, I have just purchased core staple colours(black, oatmeal and grey) to interchance between outfits. Changing bags has become such a mission, especially since handbag essentials have increased in number.

Handbags are another fashion item, as are shoes which will be a future post, which I believe should be an investment. The more durable the handbag, the more wear one is able to receive. This Foshini Collection handbag is the first of its kind that I have purchased, and cannot fault it to date.

It is definitely worth your while to check out the lastest trends on the Mr Price website, even if just for inspiration. Stripes and florals are a must have - Festive Floral Trendflash - Mr Price

Dress:  Mr Price
Cardigan: Woolworths
Figure Belt: Going Under
Opaque Tights: Woolworths
Earrings: Sass Diva
Pumps: ‘A Gift’
Chain: Sass Diva
Bag: Foshini Collection


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  1. I love everything about this outfit, you look so sweet and that dress is gorgeous.


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