Thursday, 13 October 2011

Rudimentals Baby's First Birthday

Sage, The Rudimentals’ unofficial mascot, has turned one. She celebrated her first birthday in the beautiful  Kirstenbosch Gardens this past weekend. The weather was ideal for a picnic in the garden, especially since a shady location, near the stream, was reserved.

Sage’s novelty birthday cake was made by a relative of mine, who dabbles in novelty cake creation. It must have been the bright colours or her portrait which immediately caught her attention as she couldn’t wait to stick her little fingers through it.

The Rudimentals, a South African Ska Afro band, were for the most part, all present at the birthday celebrations, with the exception of three members.  Her father who goes by the pseudonym “Rude Bobo Boss”, Jody Engelbrecht, Simon Bates as well as Ross MacDonald all attended to make Sage’s day that much more special.

Sage definately couldnt't wait to dig into her birthday cake. 

Fitting the occasion, I dressed semi casual, sporting a black maxi dress. It was fairly hot, so black wasn't the best colour choice. This is my first attempt in maxi dresses, but definitely won't be my last.

Maxi dress: Ackermans
Sandals: Ackermans
Figure Belt: Going Under
Bracelet: Identity
Earrings: ‘A Gift’
Ring: Swarovski
Bag: China Town


1 comment:

  1. lovely maxi dress, especially with the belt & sandals. It looks very casual and relaxed, i'm sure you were hot tho...
    that cake also made me crave cake... xox


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