Monday, 17 October 2011

Vintage Find: Shoes

I found these dove-grey vintage court shoes at a store called Rewardrobe.When most people comment on them, they cannot believe that I am wearing shoes that were worn and belonged to someone else. They are either grossed out or amazed that the shoes still are in such a great condition. One of the main reasons to buy vintage clothes and accessories is the quality of them, and the same applies to shoes.

Here are a few of my tips and questions to ask yourself  when considering to purchase vintage shoes:
  •  Firstly, is the store or vendor you are considering to purchase from reputable? 
Ensure that you are familiar with the quality that the store or vendor owner sells. Check that they are not trying to sell-off vintage remakes- these are garments, accessories or shoes that closely resemble original vintage items. If this does not bother you, then great,  but most times it will  lack the quality of an original vintage item. 

  • Secondly, if you see a pair of shoes you like, check that they clean and in a well-maintained condition.
The shoes should be clean! There should be no caked-mud, dirty insoles or unsightly stains or marks. If so, walk away; the owner or vendor should have cleaned and presented them well if they want someone to actually buy them (there should be no compromise).
Also, these are second hand shoes, so they would have been worn by someone else. However, they should not look worn out and disfigured beyond recognition. I have seen many pairs that have seen better days and should be thrown out and not be for sale.

  • Thirdly, ensure that it is made well.
If the shoes have been restored, check that everything is in intact and secure- like the soles, inner soles and heels. If it has been restored incorrectly, you will see the tell tale signs of glue, marker pen to cover scuffed edges, etc. Feel and pull to make certain that the shoe wont fall apart. Vintage shoes were usually made from high quality materials, like real leather. Check for these symbols and where it was made (hopefully not in China). The pair I bought had the real leather symbol, made in Italy was engraved in the sole and it still had the brand name tag in the inner sole.

  • And, lastly, try them on.
 Try the shoes on if they are your size. If they appear to be your size, try them on too, sizing and makes were different back then. Walk up and down in them, wiggle your toes, run in them- try anything to ensure that they are comfortable and wearable and if your feet are happy in them, take them (not forgetting that they should be reasonably priced too)!

The shoes I bought I paired with distressed jeans last Friday. It was the odd occasion when I could get away with wearing jeans to work (as it is not allowed) and  to soften the edginess of the jeans I wore it with a light teal pussy-bow blouse. It was quite a cool day too, so I paired a loose fit jersey over it in the same colour.

Shirt: Foschini
Jersey: Foschini
Jeans: Jahaan
Shoes: Rewardrobe
Headband: Woolworths
Spectacles: Linda Farrow Luxe Collection



  1. hot heels! i often buy 2nd hand shoes because they are already worn in! xox

  2. Lovely outfit!! the heels are gorgeous and I adore your pussybow top:)

  3. The first and last pictures are breathtaking. I have never bought vintage shoes and I'm not too eager about it, I don't know why. Probably it's all prejudices. But I tend to see shoes as the most imporant part of an outfit (together with coats in winter) and I like investing in a new pair of good shoes. Maybe used ones wouldn't last for so long...

    Be Indie, Be Trendy


  4. Nice photos! I like the blouse! <3

  5. Those shoes are so cute and so trending right now. The menswear inspired oxford is well done with the heel. I'm so glad we were able to connect on ifb - Great blog!


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