Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Blue Bird Market

I spent last week Saturday at the Blue Bird Market at the Baxter Theatre. It was so good, since it was held outside and the weather turned out sunny, even though it was quite overcast the morning. The market starts at 12pm (every Saturday) and I got some lunch at the food stalls, relaxed on the grass in the sun and then made my way to the clothing stalls. I felt much more chilled compared to being at other markets, mayeb because it starts in the in the afternoon and it was not going to end anytime soon. (The market it ends at 6pm only.) It really was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, so if you are in Cape Town, make sure you visit it.

There were many familiar vendors from the other markets I have been to around town, but it was even better to see so many new vendors. The food market was made up of such a great variety, like: gourmet 'South African' sandwiches, Indian curries, a selection of amazing Namibian biltong, homemade breads, pitas, pies and quiches... But if sweet treats are more your thing, like it is mine, then there was over enough sweetness going around, like: home made ice-cream (in a range of awesome flavours), Hungarian tower cakes, cupcakes, pop cakes, nougat, fudge, chocolates and so much more...

The clothing was made up of mostly vintage clothing and accessories but there was also quite a range of jewellery and trinkets available. I got me an adorable woollen short sleeved top from Old Street Retro- I love that they have such a great range of 80's wares and it is a pretty yellow shade.


Read more here about what Time and a Few Moths learnt about the Market (Yes, they need to secure a good coffee vendor and baristas!).

Here's what I wore:
(It is was quite a coincidence that my outfit was quite blue...!)

Top: Woolworths
Blazer: Aca Joe
Pants: Mr Price
Shoes: Rewardrobe
Pendant: Mr Price

Pictures take behind the breweries in Newlands



  1. That place looks amazing, such a beautiful and relaxing day.

  2. gorgeous photos of you and the train, that table of nougat looks deliciously tempting.hope you had a lovely day ^^

  3. Lovely photo's!! everything looks so yum!:)xx


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