Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Countdown to America

There's no other word to describe how excited I am, but ECSTATIC, now that the time is drawing near. I officially have a month left before I depart. The last time I was overseas, exploring several countries in Europe, it was such an amazing experience, one which left me with numerous life-time memories - cannot wait to add more stamps to my travel book. It truly is remarkable to see how other cultures live and interact on a daily basis.

 My intention today was actually to browse around for a new pair of black leggings as I have gained the maximum usage from my last pair. They've become such a wardobe necessity that I simply cannot do without them, all tights in general. With regards to travelling they are light to pack and easily matched, a definite must have.

I found the perfect pair with the perfect fit at Woolworths, but due to the lengthy queues at the till points, I decided to opt for purchasing it on another day.

Jeans: Fashion Express
Top: 'A Gift'
Belt: Lee Cooper
Necklace: Kleins
Earrings: Mr Price
Boots: Mr Price
Cardigan: Aca Joe
Slingbag: 'A Gift'

I'm very systematic, some might say excessive, in all my planning and thought processes. I have the problem of over analysing. I plan way ahead as this post will reinforce.

This weekend, even though my timing was awful, with all the pay day shoppers, I decided to do my window shopping in preparation. I needed to physically explore certain stores to create a list of essentials which I would require for the trip.
I'm packing extremely light as I need to have ample storage space for all the shopping I intend to do. Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is home to top designers and brands which I simply cannot wait to explore. Their sales are ridiculously affordable in comparison to original selling prices and bargains are a guarentee. I've explore the stores thoroughly on numerous occasions already, imagine my excitement.

Travelling light is such a mission and packing can become extremely tedious. As women there are certain things we cannot do without. As I was browsing through a Clicks store, i stumbled across shampoo (soap sheets). Its conveniet, transportable and guarentees no leakages. It might not be conduscive to my hair length, but I'm more than willing to give this innovative idea a try.

The flight is reasonably long and comfort is a priority. Apart from sleeping tablets, neck support aids the monotonous space position and limitation which aircrafts provide. Although blow up pillows are a real space saver, how much cuter are theses Squeezy Love pillow accessories? It conveniently doubles up as a pillow or a cushion. It is made out micro-polystyrene powder beads covered with a soft and durable stretch fabric-image the softness. It lives up to its' motto, 'Love in the Pillow'

 As the time draws nearer, I'm sure my list will grow, but for now I seem to have things under control.



  1. you must be soooooooo excited! have a great time!

  2. awwwwwwwww. that cat is totally cute ^^

  3. I hope you will have an amazing time Jill. I've never been to America, but I hope someday, one day :).
    Living in Europe, I've seen most of it, but I would love to see new places too :).

  4. Wynne, the reality is setting in and im super excited!

    Jaqueline, i thought the cat was a cute finish too :)

    Tereza, Europe is amazing, you're really lucky to be able to travel, especially as the commute is effortless in comparison to our distance and pricing from South africa.

    I'll be sure to upload many posts in the new year.

    Thanx All


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