Monday, 28 November 2011

High-Waisted Animal Print

It just dawned on me that the next post that I will publish, will be about what I plan to pack on my trip. I cannot believe that I will be in Orlando Florida this time next week. The excitement is definitely mounting up in bucket loads.

It has become apparent to me, through blogging, that I actually have a cardigan (whether long sleeve, short or cropped) in every colour. The variety has really come in handy over the past couple of weeks. I guess I have Global Warming to thank for the excessively unpredictable weather which Cape Town has been experiencing. Well at least there's sun for the mean time as where I'm off to, I'm praying it snows.

I don't wear this bag very often, but it is one of my favourites. If I had to categorise myself, I would be a labelled as a shoe and bag lady.

This bag was actually the result of store credit in Salzburg. I had initially bought a pair of sandals, which unfortunately snapped as soon as I walked out the store. As this was a day trip through Salzburg I'm grateful it broke at that moment and not anytime later. I'm extremely happy that I found such a beautiful bag to replace the original purchase with. It's been 5years since the purchase and the quality is still impeccable.

The view from Ou Kaapse Weg is breathtaking. For me I simple love the drive up, but for many cyclists this is the biggest challenge on an annual basis as The Cape Argus Cycle Tour. On my list of favourite scenic drives would be:

  • Oceans Drive/High Level Road (best view of Cape Town Stadium)
  • Chapmans Peak
  • Ou Kaapse Weg

The travel bug must really have hit me hard, especially since I'm strolling down memory lane in my post. The colour of these earring grabbed me at first sight. Brussels was actually one of my favourite destinations in Europe, apart from the commercialised ones too of course. I enjoyed their quaint streets, rich culture and not to mention their divine cuisine.

These earring were bought in Brussels and that's were I thought they remained. When I arrived home in South Africa, I literally couldn't find them for several months. My mother had an irritating habit of packing things away where she can't even remember- but they did eventually surface.

It always amazes me when I make unconventional purchases (for me) how much I learn to love the particular item. I don't usually wear animal prints, bu the high waisted factor won me over. It's not a practical pair of pants but it definitely does make a statement. It's always the items you thought would never interest you that you can't find more of.

Pants: Jay Jays
Top: Aca Joe
Jersey: Mr Price
Shoes: Ackermans
Cuff Bracelet: 'A Gift'
Chain: Free Gift
Earrings: Brussels
Handbag: Salzburg



  1. I love this outfit, the accessories are so beautiful and elegant.
    And that view - amazing.

  2. love your worldly outfit, have a lovely time in florida ^^

  3. Great outfit! I LOVE your pants. You look gorgeous xx

  4. Awww this is a terribly adorable outfit on you hun. The printed harem cropped trousers and the mint green cardigan is just too cute for words =) Im kinda jealous reading all about your travels around the place. Eagerly awaiting the time where I'll be able to globetrot a bit more ^_^


  5. Such a cute outfit! And what a lovely view. I wish I could live looks like paradise!


  6. love the outfit - those pants are gorge!!



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