Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Lace Racerback

I believe in a very corny superstition, that when you're dressed well, the best results will follow. This superstition has been in effect during my drivers license appointment, interviews as well as every exam I've ever written since first year university days. We all have our own interpretation of Juju, and this is mine. I guess it just boils down to; If you look good, you feel good.

Today marked the first exam of the last exam period I'll ever write at a tertiary level institution. (Hope that makes sense)Yes, this is the last stretch for me. The feeling is kind of surreal and hasn't sunk in as yet. It must be the excitement of America which is blinding me from the reality which has to set in. 

Student life is sadly over- Let the job hunting begin!

If there is anything in my dressing room that must be given away- it has to be these tennis shoes. I simply cannot part with them and I have definitely exhausted this pair. I will certainly add a new pair to my shopping list as only then will I part with them, sad but true.

I'm branching away from the plain light weight scarves and incorporating patterned ones into my collection. The Oude Libertas Market has great stock and are fairly reasonably priced. I will be sure to make my way down to Stellenbosch to have a look. (A friend chose this one for me).

Shorts: Mr Price
Tank: Going Under
Racer back: PnP Clothing
Shoes: PnP Clothing
Belt: Cape Arts and Crafts
Scarf: Oude Libertas Market
Pearls: Mr Price
Chain: 'A Gift'


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  1. looking great, and you might be onto something with dressing well and good luck/etc coming your way. the scarf looks lovely ^^


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