Monday, 7 November 2011

Positive Heroes: Bloom Fashion Show

Cape Town has been recognised and given credit where credit is due. I can officially say that after witnessing the outstanding contribution from 20 of Cape Town's local designers, that Cape Town has earned the 2014 title as World Design Capital.

The Positive Heroes' Bloom Fashion Show, in association with the City of Cape Town, kicked off last Thursday, 3 November. This initiative serves as a platform to acknowledge the everyday individuals (heroes) living with HIV/AIDS and aims to rectify the stigma which society associates with the epidemic.  The event was held as a fundraiser to generate funds to support and manage the foundations' key initiative.

The theme of the event was inspired through Tennessee Williams' quote "The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks." How appropriate is this quote? Due to medical advancements, the HIV/AIDS epidemic is no longer an instant death sentence and Positive Heroes' reinforce this through their mission statement as well as goals and objectives of the foundation.

Upon arrival, cocktails and canapes were served. The show essentially started at 8pm, so much mingling took place before hand. The menu was simply delicious and ranged from prawn skewers to light pastries.

The event was outstanding and thorough systematic planning was evident. These party favours were strung around each chair in the venue-a great marketing tool. Joya, created post card brochures, with hand crafted bracelets, as a medium to market their new online store. Joya specialises in handcrafted jewellery using only the finest materials. All their jewellery is locally designed and manufactured. Read more about them here.

These were a few of the amazing items up for auction. I can definitely say that not having a stipulated monthly income is one of the biggest downfalls of being a student. I seriously would have loved to put my bid out there, but sadly the monetary values were too steep for me.

Designer: Miss Port

Designers: Right: X&O Men's
                 Left: Scopio

Designer: Malick

Malick holds an extremely dear part of my heart as he designed my 21st birthday dress. I literally handed him an image and he transformed it to personally suit not only my body type, but personality too. 
He has an amazing talent which I cannot dispute.

Having never used a designer before, Malick has set the bar extremely high. Not only did he do a superb job, but cultivated a realstionship with me too. I was ecstatic when he called me up and said he had a set of
double tickets to Cape Town Fashion Week a few years back.

Designer: Francois Rall Couture

Designer: Carducci C2

Designer: Stephania Morland

Designer: Hendrik Vermeulen

Designer: Philosophy

The event was outstanding and the passion, creativity and innovation radiated through each designers work. The colour combinations were eccentric but nontheless amazing. It definitively has earned an annual place on my calender. It's amazing when a community of such talent can come together in support of such a great cause.

I really hope that great donations and targets were made through the auction as well as the raffle tickets. What a BLOOMING good fashion show!

Images from Gary Stemmett/SDR Photos
Performers: Sterling EQ

These girls are phenomenally talented. What a show stopper to experience them not only perfom their musical talents but to showcase designs at the same time. A very unique entertainment slot. I have attended a few events where they have performed and they have always sparked fantastic reviews. It really is a testiment to our society, women are empowering themselves and fast taking over a previously male dominated world.

I decided to go for the smart classic look tonight with natural tones. I had this boob tube dress altered about a year ago for a more fitted feel. I added a figure belt to give the look a bit more shape and to accessorize seeing  I went for the minimalistic approach.

Dress: Urban
Cardigan: Ackermans
Belt: Mr Price
Ring: Identity
Alice band: Sass Diva
Pearls: Sass Diva
Necklace: Promotional gift
Shoes: Shoe HQ



  1. Looks like an amazing day :), love the dress.

  2. I'd do anything to visit Cape Town one day! You look so beautiful. Looks like a fun night!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  3. The fashion show was amazing!Had a blast!Thanx for the lovely commnets ladies.

    P.S I've seen a few countries and Cape Town is still on my hottest-city list. :)


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