Monday, 14 November 2011

Upper East Side Hotel

Congratulations Cape Town, once again. See a silhouette glimpse of our spectacular natural seventh wonder of the world through the curtains below.

The best part about studying Event Management, is having the opportunity to actually be a part of the practical element. The implementation phase is by far the most rewarding as well as glamorous part of the eventing industry.

A certain percentage of the course requires an accumulation of hours to be completed in a logbook in the field of our specific course. These hours have been by far the most memorable and educational as it is only by experience which we can fully grasp and learn.

A fair guess would be that black is a safe colour to stick with, in regards to corporate events. A staple black cardigan has been a pending item on my 'to buy' list for a while now - colour has just trumped all the staple colours. The dress is extremely flattering and has a great look about it. This is the second of its kind which I bought, the first being black with white trim.

Once qualified in the industry, I am well aware that these heels will not be conducive on the ground. As I was assigned to certain tasks, most which did not involve extensive moment, these heels did not pose as a problem. I'm really having a problem with the fact that all the logistical running around on event days will prevent me from wearing heels as dressing up is the favourite part of my day.

The first time I visited the Upper East Side Hotel was during the FIFA 2010 World Cup. As a group, we decided to watch a match there, whilst snacking and having a few drinks. As you can imagine, I was completely smitten with the decor. It's simplistic, yet makes a statement.The unconventional bold usage of different colours and styles of furniture was simply breathtaking. The food was delicious too! I would highly recommend their smoothies.

Th name is a total contradiction to the grungy area in which it is situated. It is located in a industrial, more factory outlet, area off lower main road in Woodstock. Nevertheless, its interior compensates for the exterior.

Dress: YDE
Cardigan: Jane Norman
Belt: Going Under
Shoe: Shoe Connection
Necklace: American Swiss
Earrings: 'A Gift'
Ring: 'A Gift'
Bracelets: Truworths



  1. Gorgeous outfit! I love those heels xx

  2. You look amazing, so beautiful.
    And that space is so elegant.


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