Friday, 18 November 2011

Vintage Find: Woolworths' Polka Dot Skirt

I am anything but a vintage fanatic, so this post it fairly out of my comfort zone. I am quite content with contemporary fashion. By definition, vintage clothing ideally ranges between a period of twenty to a hundred years old, anything after one hundred is classified as antique.

Based on my age, it is impossible for me to have physically bought an item of clothing approximately twenty years ago and still be able to wear it currently. My mother, on the other hand, is almost too proud that her vintage polka dot skirt is still able to receive a good wear. She must have purchased this item around the time I was born, and no flaw can be seen to date. It just makes you wonder- how much better was quality and value for money back then?

I must admit that the latest fad of mine has got to be lightweight scarves. They pose as a simple yet very effective accessory. I especially admire the way Sarah Jessica Parker accessorises her scarves with tanks and denim. I have a wide variety of colours and seem to keep expanding on my range. Who says scarves have to be restricted to those cold, windy days? Here are some innovative ways to wear your scarves.

This skirt was ideally designed to fit the waist area. I have a habit of transforming anything possible from waisted to high-waisted. If a certain style works for my body type, I tend to stick to it (and overdo it a little).
The same can actually be said about the figure belt. I simply love the subtle difference it can add to an outfit- so I add one to basically all my outfits.

Cork and wooden heels are definitely a must buy for the following reasons:

1. No more scuffed heels (That's my only reason)!

For a shoe-a-holic, such as myself, there is nothing more heartbreaking than having to dispose of a pair of heels because they are scuffed. I simply love shoes and purchase them with long lasting intent. We cannot predetermine the venues we visit, but we can take measures against them. 

The best part about having a mother who hoards clothing, and has an extensive appreciation for chocolate, is that when I raid her wardrobes (yes plural) I'm almost always guaranteed to be handed something. Her give aways are based on size, and rarely the fact that she hasn't worn them in the last five years. I'm privileged to have my own vintage market on my doorstep (at no cost)! It's great especially as having been saving for this trip for the past four months, I have had to give up a weekly shopping luxury of mine. Not an easy option, but it helps that my habit has been substituted with a cheaper alternative.

Skirt: Woolworths
Body Top: Mr Price
Scarf: PnP Clothing
Peep Toes: Going Under
Opaque Tights: Woolworths
Figure Belt: Mr Price
Bracelets: Mr Price and Truworths



  1. excellent skirt! and awesome mother! ^^ I love the last photo of you where you are pulling the skirt back, you look beautiful.Oh, and lightweight scarves ROCK!

  2. Wow you styled the skirt beautifully. Your outfit is lovely. I have a really similar one from my mom,too. (And same color as yours!)

  3. I love the belt, such a chic touch.
    I hope you will have an amazing weekend with your friend that is leaving.


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